Peer Feedback Discussion Forum

The forums are now open for design conversations to begin. Be sure to upload web-optimized JPGs only– with dimensions of 800×600 or 600×800 pixels.

For those of you who have not used forums in Sakai before, Here are  instructions for adding to a discussion forum:

  1. Login to sakai and navigate to the appropriate class > Your feedback groups are posted in  Announcements
  2. In left-hand sidebar, select Discussion Froum
  3. When the page refreshes, choose your group
  4. Add a New Conversation: give it at title, and description, then upload your image.
  5. Hit Post.

To respond to a Conversation in your discussion group:

  1. Navigate to Discussion Forums and your group. Select the conversation from the list
  2. Read the introduction and review the posted design
  3. Hit “reply”  at the bottom of the post and enter your comments, and hit post

Here’s a video:


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