002: Weekly Class Sessions

Adding multiple photos to a Photoshop document from WSU Com 210 on Vimeo.


  • Reading Quiz 2: Photoshop Toolbar
  • Visual Storytelling Lecture / Photography Basics
  • Intro to Photoshop Project:
    • Narrative poster: Using Photography to Tell a Story.
    • Choose a topic or individual that interests you and write up

Activity: Begin Tutorials (SAKAI)…starting with Layers

Complete at Home:

  1. Read Textbook:  3: Adobe Bridge, and 4: Camera RawPS
  2. Watch & Complete: Tutorials Assignment
  3. Create: Photo Shoot of individual subject: Shoot 30 pics of a single subject (person). When shooting, consider the 5 principles of photographic design: simplicity, the rule of thirds, balance, framing, and use of lines. We will use Adobe Bridge to organize and edit these photos in class next week. Save the 30 images to a folder on your flash drive and bring to class next week.

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