005: Weekly Class Sessions

Adobe Illustrator:

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Photo-Realistic Design Samples

While the samples referenced here have been created by other designers, you can create your own mockups—to showcase your design work too. This tutorial gives step-by-step instructions (and pictures). Design Panoply: Create a Business Card Mockup in Photoshop using the Vanishing Point Filter,
You may need to copy and paste the URL into a new browser window 

Click to view full-sized: variations on an iPad mockup.

When showcasing your designs in a digital portfolio, it’s an excellent idea to provide up to three views of your samples; a full view, and 1-2 details. The freebies below offer you options.

*If these don’t work for you, search online for others—there are tens of thousands of useful PSD mockups available online–both free and paid.

Logo & Identity Package Full View:

Identity Package Details:

Graphic Narrative Collage Full View:

Pixden, PSD iPad Air Mockup,

Print and Digital Advertisements:

Infographic Poster Full View or for Details


We’ve recently completed our first practice infographic, followed immediately by these. This assignment is one that I love to watch develop–and it outlines something  that aligns with my personal ethos…bike riding.

Here are several of our first series of designs:

Submitting Logo Files

Back in the Day… Printers and clients used to ask for an .eps or .ai file at the very minimum, but today they’re asking for a PDF file instead of an .eps file, in addition to other types of files. Here is the list of files that should be provided for project:

  • Editable Adobe PDF file (press quality): Color, and B/W
  • 1 Ea. JPG File: Color, B/W

As you can see, the industry expects a PDF file with very specific characteristics. No, they’re not just trying to add complexity to our lives — quite the opposite! This change addresses the fact that .eps files are becoming outdated and PDF files are becoming the standard universal file format. Need more pointers on submitting professional logo files?

Read all about it on 99 Designs.com

FYI, the instructions below also include web optimized files

Export Adobe PDF File
  1. Save your AI file
  2. Then File > Save As > enter the file name and then choose the format “Adobe PDF”Note: You may need to select “all pages” or a “Range”
  3. When the PDF Dialog box opens > Choose the Adobe PDF Preset: “Press Quality”and be sure that You have these items checked under Options: Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities Optimize for Fast Web View View PDF After Saving (for one last review)
  4. Save PDF & review before submitting
(optional) Optimize for Web
  1. Save your AI working Document.
  2. Choose the correct Artboard the go to File > Save for Web
  3. You may view single. 2-up, or 4-up examples of your art at different resolution
  4. Choose Jpg from the Presets
  5. We suggest using high or maximum quality
  6. Hit Save and name the file and choose its folder
  7. Save and repeat for each artboard
Export Logo Image (JPG, PNG etc.)
  1. Save your AI working Document.
  2. File > Export > Name the file and >Choose JPG from DropdownTo save time, check Use Artboards, and choose “All” > Hit Save
  3. In the dialog box choose, Quality = Maximum, and Resolution = High
  4. Your JPGs will appear in the folder you selected, numbered sequentially
  5. Rename the files to indicate which is color and which is Black and white FYI: Use this technique to export: JPGs, PSDs, SWF, TIFF, etc.
More about Save for Web More about AI Image Export

How to Submit: Place all in folder, entitled LOGO, zip and upload this file to Sakai in the appropriate assignment module.

Logo Design Comps

We’ve chosen our clients, completed the research, selected designs from our roughs to develop further, and set our color palettes. We’re following 5 rules of logo design to make these: simple,  memorable, versatile / timeless, simplicity leads to versatility, and audience appropriate. Here’s what we have so far:

Image Masks in PS

This quiz/practice activity allowed us to play around with layer masks and to create s simple postcard design, very quickly. Inspired by a Blythe doll board in Pinterest. Here’s how CMAT212 interpreted this activity:

Collage Drafts/Finals

We got a creative brief describing this project, design a narrative collage on a topic/subject/individual that interests us. The drafts are all hitting my inbox right now and it’s a series of impressive work for many PS newbies. We’ll share feedback and critique to tighten up the designs shortly. These are really exceptional pieces that should make their creators proud: