Final Identity Projects

The semester is over and we’ve got finals next week. We will present our portfolio of conceptual design in one-on-one interview sessions on Tuesday. Class participants will share their design samples and a leave behind.

This was one of my favorite projects completed this season. Many of these were refined more:


003: Weekly Class Sessions

In Class:

  • Reading Quiz: (Download)Adobe Bridge Activity (to submit via email)
  • Lecture on Image Selection: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
  • Activities
    • 1: Portraits and Layer Mask
    • 2: What are the 4 Principles of Design?
    • 3: Begin Graphic Narrative Collage

Complete at Home


Next Week:

Narrative Drafts Due…

Process: Logo and Identity

One of our number took a very simple concept and added clean, simplified, type together with an inviting color palette to speak to the audience. The fictitious company is an avant grade tea shop that caters to lovers of the leaf. Take a look at the evolution of the design and the digital advertisement created for Baltimore Magazine. Fun stuff:

I wonder, can you see the face in each version of the logo and in the final advertisement?

Gestalt Theory

Gestalt Theory is a psychological theory, which originated in Germany during the early 20th century and explains how the mind interprets and organizes visual information to create unity and meaning. A central concept of Gestalt Theory is that our mind seeks patterns and tends to group visual elements to establish a unified whole. According to this theory, when we see an image consisting of numerous elements, our mind forms an impression that is derived from the individual objects, but has a separate meaning based on the unified whole. This theory is the origin of the common phrase, “the whole is other than the sum of its parts.” (Ware, 2005)

Our brains are constantly seeking to make visual/spatial connections using Proximity, Continuation, Similarity, and Closure. Check it out:

Graphic Collage: Examples

Here are some collage projects that incorporate words and images successfully. Clicl on the image to view full-sized:

In these examples, can you pinpoint what makes these less successful?

Course Schedule

Wk. Dt. Weekly Session Tutorials/Readings/Projects Due Date
1 jan 27
  • No Reading Quiz
  • Activity: Introductions
  • Intro to Syllabus
    Key Concepts
    Class Policy
  • Intro to Photoshop, WP, Sakai
Setup WP Blog for CourseGet to Know the PS interface:

Introductory Selfie Project – Post to Blog and add URL to Discussion forum

Sunday, Midnight
2 feb 3
  • READING Quiz 2: Photoshop Toolbar
  • Visual Storytelling Lecture / Photography basics
  • Intro to Photoshop Project: Narrative poster. Use photography to tell a story. Choose a topic or individual that interests you and write up
  • Class Activity I: Begin Tutorials…starting with Layers
  • PS Totorials Assignment
  • Photo Shoot of individual subject:  When shooting, consider the principles of photographic design: simplicity, the rule of thirds, balance, framing, and use of lines. We will use Adobe Bridge to organize and edit these photos in class next week.
  • Readings from textbook: Chapter 3: Adobe Bridge, and 4: Camera Raw
Feb 8, midinght
3 feb 10
  • Reading Quiz: Adobe Bridge Activity (to submit via email)
  • Lecture: Copyright, Fair Use, CC
  • A1: Portraits and Layer Mask?
  • A2: Begin Graphic Narrative Collage
  • Continue work on Part 1 of Collage Assignment…
  • Read: Chapters 9, 10, 12
  • Review Creative Commons
  • Watch: Introduction to Typography
Narrative Drafts Due in Sakai
4 feb 17
  • Reading Quiz 4: CC and PS
  • Lecture: Design Principles, Typography
  • Working Session: Narrative Graphic Collage

Need a refresher before you begin? Video: Add Images in Photoshop

  • Keep Working on Draft
    Discussion Forum: peer feedback
  • Watch: Balance in Design
  • Read: Chapter15 on Retouching, 16 on Refocusing, and 18 on Filters
  • Practice: Bezier Tool
Narrative Draft Due on Friday.

Discussion Forum: Peer feedback due on Sunday Night!

5 feb 24
  • Reading Quiz 5: Refocus with filters (in Sakai)
  • Crit / Review
    Draft Collage, WRAP UP (yay!)
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Begin AI Tutorials
  • Complete Collage Design: see full Assignment in Sakai for details and deadlines
  • Download & Complete AI Tutorials and submit zipped folder via SAKAI email, by 2pm next Tuesday
  • Watch video on Visual Balance
  • Read: AI CC Visual Quick Start Chapters 1 – 4 on creating and saving AI files, Working with Color, Work Spaces, and Panels (we’ll skip Adobe Bridge)
Tutorials and Final Collage due by 2pm next Tuesday(before class)
6 mar 3
  • Reading Quiz: Chapters 1-4 (in-class handout)
  • Lecture: Identity and Branding
  • Introducing Unit Project: Logo and Identity PackageIn-Class Activity:Submit completed tutorials to March 3 Assignment in SAKAI
  • Floral Pattern (ch. 6 and 10) Download and Complete the Pen Tool Tutorial
  • Readings:Textbook Chapters 8,9,11. color, alignment, and transformBlog Article Understanding Gestalt
  • Review Unit Project: Logo and Identity Assignmentthis gives an outline of all elements of the upcoming project, and important deadlines and parameters. While the finished project is not due for a couple weeks, the first deadline is very soon:

Creative Brief Worksheet – due this week

Thumbnail Sketches – due when we next meet

Creative brief Worksheet due Friday night

10 Thumbnails/roughs will be reviewed in next class session.

7 mar 10
  • Reading Quiz 7: Instructions are in “Assignments”
  • Lecture: Introducing Color Theory
  • Mini-Activity: Clipping Mask with Text and Image Trace
  • Working Session: Using your 10 logo thumbnail sketches, develop 3 Comps and a color palette for your client

Note: Comp PDF files due by midnight tonight–via SAKAI email

  • Read: Textbook Chapters 12, 17-19 working with Type and export for different media
  • Watch: Aaron Draplin Logo Design Challenge
  • Practice: Pen Tool Activity
  • Be sure to bring comps/variations to our next class session. Tue., March 24 – We’ll complete identity package in class, and submit all files then
Logo and Identity Package due at end of class/day March 24
8 mar 17 Well-deserved Spring Break
9 mar 24
  • Reading Quiz: Chapters 12, 17, 18,19 (text)
  • No Lecture!
  • Working Session:
    Finalize logo and submit
    Develop Identity Package
Finish stationery and submit by FRIDAY night.

We will Review these designs Next week

10 mar 31
  • Reading Quiz: Chapter 15 Activity
  • Critique/Review: Identity \Packages
  • Intro to Advertisements for Print and web / Creative Brief
  • Read: Chapters
  • Sketch 3 ad ideas
  • Review the Baltimore Magazine Media Kit and Specs
Bring sketches to class next week
11 apr 7
  • Reading Quiz: In two Parts…Setup documents/output for web, print, mobile
  • Working Session: Layout print and mobile ads
  • Continue working on ads, submit 2 files via sakai by midnight Sunday.
  • Watch : What is Data Visualization?
  • Review the InfoGraphic Assignment, and sketch out 3 design solutions.Select your color palette
    You will complete ONE of this in next weeks class. This is due at the end of class
3 Print Ads due Midnight, Sunday.

Submit PDFof infographic sketches and color palette to sakai

12 apr 14 Quiz on Data Visualization/ AI Technique

Review of earlier lecture: What makes effective design?

Working session: Design your infographic using preliminary sketch and color palette

  • Read Chapter 4: Adobe Bridge
  • Watch Using Bridge for Portfolio setup
  • Watch: What You didn’t Learn in School
  • Bring Flash Drive eith all projects to next week
Designs to submit to sakai by midnight today!
13 apr 21
  • Intro to HTML for Designers
  • How to mount boards
Print and mount boards

Read and Watch: Create HTML Web Gallery Portfolio using Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge Web gallery

PSD Mockup Options for HTML Portfolio

14 apr 27
  • Lecture: Introduction to Your Portfolio
  • Q&A about Designer Portfolio/ Interviewing
  • Sign up for Portfolio Presentations
  • Working Session for revisions (extra Credit 1-2 pts)
Complete mounting boards

Review Portfolio Rubric

Create PS/Bridge Galler of images and save to Portable drive



Design Portfolio Review:

  • Boards
  • and digital assets
Have a great summer!