Process: Logo and Identity

One of our number took a very simple concept and added clean, simplified, type together with an inviting color palette to speak to the audience. The fictitious company is an avant grade tea shop that caters to lovers of the leaf. Take a look at the evolution of the design and the digital advertisement created for Baltimore Magazine. Fun stuff:

I wonder, can you see the face in each version of the logo and in the final advertisement?


Photo-Realistic Design Samples

While the samples referenced here have been created by other designers, you can create your own mockups—to showcase your design work too. This tutorial gives step-by-step instructions (and pictures). Design Panoply: Create a Business Card Mockup in Photoshop using the Vanishing Point Filter,
You may need to copy and paste the URL into a new browser window

Click to view full-sized: variations on an iPad mockup.

When showcasing your designs in a digital portfolio, it’s an excellent idea to provide up to three views of your samples; a full view, and 1-2 details. The freebies below offer you options.

*If these don’t work for you, search online for others—there are tens of thousands of useful PSD mockups available online–both free and paid.

Logo & Identity Package Full View:

Identity Package Details:

Graphic Narrative Collage Full View:

Pixden, PSD iPad Air Mockup,

Print and Digital Advertisements:

Infographic Poster Full View or for Details


We’ve recently completed our first practice infographic, followed immediately by these. This assignment is one that I love to watch develop–and it outlines something  that aligns with my personal ethos…bike riding.

Here are several of our first series of designs:

Project: Logo and Identity

Use Adobe Illustrator to design a logo and identity package for a fictional client in one of three industries: bar/restaurant, retail bike seller, or commercial/residential architecture firm.

To complete this project:, we’ll first complete preliminary research on the selected industry, and fill out the online Client Creative Brief Worksheet, make and submit 10 preliminary logo design sketches for approval, and create a full identity package for this client (this includes a logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope).


  • Digital Design Skills: demonstrated use of AI type tool, shape tools, color options, and pathfinder
  • Typography Concepts: demonstrate balance, readability, contrast, alignment, and hierarchy.
  • Graphic Design Principles: contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity


Creating A Draft Collage…

From Sketches & 3 Images:

my draft collage, using 3 imagesThis actually worked our really well, and didn’t involve too many complex edits in Photoshop. The important thing I’d like to impart here is that editing each image separately BEFORE importing them into PS makes everything much easier. There are 3 photos used to create the final design: it’s almost exactly the sketch that I outlined in the research step of this process.The text used in the final design is also edited from the original 200+ word write up for this assignment.

This video show most of the process that I took in creating the above design. It’s about 10-minutes long–there’s a lot of speeding up, too:

Bicycle Photo Credit: dno1967b via Compfight cc

Graphic Collage: Examples

Here are some collage projects that incorporate words and images successfully. Clicl on the image to view full-sized:

In these examples, can you pinpoint what makes these less successful?