003: Weekly Class Sessions

In Class:

  • Reading Quiz: (Download)Adobe Bridge Activity (to submit via email)
  • Lecture on Image Selection: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
  • Activities
    • 1: Portraits and Layer Mask
    • 2: What are the 4 Principles of Design?
    • 3: Begin Graphic Narrative Collage

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Next Week:

Narrative Drafts Due…


Example: Narrative Write-up / Photo Pool

Scanned page of rough sketches

Scan of 5 sketches with possible headlines

My husband and I have chosen to live in an urban setting where we can walk or bike to food, entertainment, work, and shopping. If we need to drive we use our household car-sharing membership and share a white-knuckled drive to parts beyond our city limits; seriously, I haven’t owned a car since 2005 and he hasn’t had one for over 20 years—it’s fairly scary when either of us drive.

In fact, we spend all of our commuting time in the saddle of our respective road bikes. We also spend a fair bit of our vacations in these saddles, too. Summer vacation, that is. Each year we push the limits of urban cycling, by biking through Baltimore, MD, Washington DC, and ending in Leesburg, VA. Then doing the trip in reverse.

This graphic narrative collage dives into the intricacies of the annual bike trip. Our original mapped route takes the Gwynns Falls Trail through the city of Baltimore, to the BWI trail, then picks up the Baltimore Annapolis trail. This tarmac trail winds for 13 miles through neighborhoods, woods, and a fair-grounds. From Annapolis we take route 450—that’s a highway—to DC. From DC, we cross the GW Bridge into Virginia. Then it’s a short 35-mile jaunt into Leesburg. It’s the best vacation we’ve come up with, and we have a great time getting there and back. Here are photos I’d like to include–taken on our 2014 trip: