Final Identity Projects

The semester is over and we’ve got finals next week. We will present our portfolio of conceptual design in one-on-one interview sessions on Tuesday. Class participants will share their design samples and a leave behind.

This was one of my favorite projects completed this season. Many of these were refined more:

003: Weekly Class Sessions

In Class:

  • Reading Quiz: (Download)Adobe Bridge Activity (to submit via email)
  • Lecture on Image Selection: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
  • Activities
    • 1: Portraits and Layer Mask
    • 2: What are the 4 Principles of Design?
    • 3: Begin Graphic Narrative Collage

Complete at Home


Next Week:

Narrative Drafts Due…

002: Weekly Class Sessions

Adding multiple photos to a Photoshop document from WSU Com 210 on Vimeo.


  • Reading Quiz 2: Photoshop Toolbar
  • Visual Storytelling Lecture / Photography Basics
  • Intro to Photoshop Project:
    • Narrative poster: Using Photography to Tell a Story.
    • Choose a topic or individual that interests you and write up

Activity: Begin Tutorials (SAKAI)…starting with Layers

Complete at Home:

  1. Read Textbook:  3: Adobe Bridge, and 4: Camera RawPS
  2. Watch & Complete: Tutorials Assignment
  3. Create: Photo Shoot of individual subject: Shoot 30 pics of a single subject (person). When shooting, consider the 5 principles of photographic design: simplicity, the rule of thirds, balance, framing, and use of lines. We will use Adobe Bridge to organize and edit these photos in class next week. Save the 30 images to a folder on your flash drive and bring to class next week.

001: Weekly Class Sessions

Week 1: Welcome to Digital Imaging Quiz: No Reading Quiz
Activity: Introductions


  • Intro to Syllabus
  • Key Concepts
  • Class Policy
  • Intro to Photoshop, WP, and Sakai


  • Setup WP Blog for Course
  • Photoshop interface
  • Introductory Selfie Project – Post to Blog and add URL to Discussion forum (Sunday, Midnight)

Complete at Home:

  1. Read: PS Toolbar, Textbook 1-2
  2. Watch: N/A
  3. Create: Finish editing Selfie – Post to blog and add URL to discussion forum by Midnight, Sunday

Process: Logo and Identity

One of our number took a very simple concept and added clean, simplified, type together with an inviting color palette to speak to the audience. The fictitious company is an avant grade tea shop that caters to lovers of the leaf. Take a look at the evolution of the design and the digital advertisement created for Baltimore Magazine. Fun stuff:

I wonder, can you see the face in each version of the logo and in the final advertisement?